Nanoedmo, Day 25: Swish!!!!

Hear the crowds go wild! I’ve scored another bite for Chain Reaction with my revamped query. She was the same agent, who liked Venom’s partial, but passed, because it was like a romantic suspense. She asked, if it was a different thriller. I told her, it was 100% thriller. So she asked me for 100 pages in PDF or .doc file–the same as last time. I’ve told her, I’ll send it to her next week. So I’ll be working on 100 pages (10 chapters) to smooth it out and get ready to send out partials to agents too, like my requery. I’ll be putting some blood, sweat and more tears to it, to make it better. Also I’ve gotten one R for Chain Reaction–for Venom, I’ve gotten 4 NRs and 2 Rs. Venom’s 9 and Chain Reaction’s 1 is slowly moving along, gradually.

I’ve cut 53 words in Web of Deceit, 76 words in Double Exposure, 78 words for Cave-in, 83 words for Specimen, and 206 words for Killer Wipeout.


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  1. Good luck on that bite;)


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