Nanoedmo, Day 29–Bases loaded!

Well, two days left of Naneodmo, before we go to post-Nanoedmo mode, we’re in the home stretch. Things are progressing so well. Venom’s 9 is moving forward and should be ready by tomorrow on screen, finished, at the latest. I hope to finish it in one month! Chain Reaction’s 1 is 95% done–I just need to fix one spot on one page tomorrow. And then I’ll requery/resubmit tomorrow afternoon and resume equeries with samples (those up to 5 pages/1 chapters only). I’ve done 4 pages in chapter 2– I have 4 pages left to finish tomorrow. So far, twelve pages have been revamped in over a week–only small tweaks in this chapter so far. I’ll try to finish 100 pages by Friday; if not, I’ll send my partial out next week, just by the same time I resume snail mail queries.

Starting tomorrow, my goal is to land an agent before or on my birthday in 60 days! Maybe my requery or partial will do it! I’m not giving up. I believe this is my year! Root me on! It’s time to hit that home run out of the park, since the bases are loaded!

I’ve cut 55 words in Web of Deceit, 76 words in Double Exposure, 82 words for Cave-in, 84 words in Specimen and 215 words for Killer Wipeout.


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