Post-Nanoedmo, Days 1-5: Turbo Drive

Sorry I haven’t been on for four days. Due to fatigue and computer problems, I haven’t gotten a chance to go on; plus some days I didn’t do any regular edits. So I’m giving up a quick 5-day recap on the past five days. Since Nanoedmo ended, this is post-Nanoedmo or April Acceptances. That’s what I’m hoping for. Venom’s 9 is almost done and should be done in a day or two. I’ve finished fixing 100 pages for Chain Reaction and sent that partial out today. So I should hear something soon. I’ve gotten 3 NRs for Venom, and 1 recent Partial bite I’ve gotten yesterday morning. This came from an email from a new agent at the agency I’ve snail mailed last month, and recently did an equery follow up, last week. He wants to see 20 pages via snail mail. That’ll be going out tomorrow. At Querytracker, he recently asked for 75 pages for one ms and 100 pages for the other. I hope it’s a good sign. I’ve also gotten 7 Rs for Chain Reaction I believe (2 Friday, 3 today, 2 yesterday). So now I have 2 partials for Chain Reaction out and one for Venom.

AS for regular editing, no edits for Cave-in and Specimen and Web of Deceit on 4/1, 4/3-4. No edits for Double Exposure on 4/1-4. For post-nanoedmo, my editing word count total for Killer Wipeout are 104241 (214 words cut), 104037 (204 words cut), none on 4/3, 10337 (200 words cut), and 103620 today. I’ve cut 100 words for Cave-in and Specimen on 4/3 and today, 100 words for Double Exposure today, and 79 words cut for Web of Deceit on 4/3 and 99 words today.


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