Post-Nanoedmo, Days 6-7: Ups and downs

Sorry I wasn’t on last night, I didn’t feel well. Needless to say, I didn’t do any edits at all. No work done on Venom and Chain Reaction. But I did sent out my partial to that agent yesterday at the post office. Today, edits resumed. I’ll finish Venom’s 9 tomorrow and work on 10 this weekend; as for Chain Reaction, I’ll resume edits on 4/12/2011 at my own pace. I did get a response on my pub bite–a R (it didn’t fit quite well on her list at this time). Also, I’ve gotten 1 R for Chain Reaction, and 2 Rs and 2 NRs for Venom.

I’ve cut 88 words in Web of Deceit, 100 words each in Cave-in, Double Exposure, and Specimen (hit 106 K, 5 K to go), and 200 words in Killer Wipeout.


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