Post-Nanoedmo, Days 10-13: Side-winder

Sorry I haven’t been on in three nights. I’ve been so winded lately and having feeling enough to do full edits. Now I’m back to tell you a 4-day recap. I’ll finish Venom’s 9 tomorrow and go straight toward chapter 10 to work on for this weekend. I hope to return to slowly work on Chain Reaction’s edits on my own pace. As for the query report, I’ve scored a few NRs and Rs on both Chain Reaction and Venom. As for the bite for Chain Reaction, it was turned down–there wasn’t enough for a story (yet alone in 94 pages), and wants to read the two authors I compared my work to in similarities and for inspiration–Erica Spindler and Iris Johansen. Both of their thrillers are fast-paced with action. I did reply back and took a chance. I did get a bite from an agency/publisher on Monday. They wanted full ms for Chain Reaction. But when I did research on the publisher, it sounded iffy. So I’ll decline them tomorrow and keep going elsewhere.

No edits on 4/11-12 for Cave-in, Double Exposure and Specimen and Web of Deceit. I did cut 76 words in Web of Deceit and 100 words in Cave-in, Double Exposure and Specimen today. On 4/10, I’ve cut 203 words in Killer Wipeout; today I cut 211 words for Killer Wipeout.


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