Post-Nanoedmo, Days 18-19: Slowing down

Last night, I wasn’t able to get back on here, since was having issues. So here’s a two-day recap. Venom’s 9 is almost done and will be finished tomorrow. Chapter 10 will be started and finished by this weekend, as we head for a mid-May finish at this rate. So far, I’ve gotten 2 pub NRs for Venom, along with one R and one NR for Venom, and 4 Rs for Chain Reaction. I’m not giving up yet. I did hear back on one follow-up from my January equery: : I’m on a “look closer” pile. But since she’s behind on her reading from reading partials/fulls and traveling, she won’t know when she would get back to me. At least it’s under consideration. I won’t pull yet, since I’ve heard from her after three months.

No edits were done yet. But today I’ve cut 79 words in Web of Deceit, 100 words each in Cave-in, Double Exposure and Specimen, and 207 words in Killer Wipeout.

P.S. Please help us save our soaps. If you’re a loyal ABC soap fan for All My Children and One Life to Life, you can help and lend in your voice. Since ABC announced the news on the cancellation of both soaps, and replacing them with health/food shows, we’re boycotting ABC and calling their sponsors–local and national. You can pitch it too, if you don’t want our soaps to end. Call, write, fax, email, tweet, join our Facebook groups and join #saveoursoaps at Twitter. Hoover (national sponsor) and Red Vines Licorice (local sponsor in West Coast) are joining our fight. Won’t you?


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