Post-Nanoedmo: Days 26-28–Drilling the holes

Well, I’m sorry I haven’t been back here in two nights. Due to Internet issues, I couldn’t get on. Plus, I didn’t do any regulars edits on Tuesday. So yet again, here’s my mini three-day recap. First of all, I’m revamping Venom’s query, and so far, it’s almost there. By tomorrow, it should good as new. As for Chain Reaction’s, I’m waiting for some feedback from my Facebook friend. I have this weekend to work on it, I hope. As for Venom’s 9, it’s not quite done, since there’s a hole in it, I’m going to fix. Hopefully it’ll be squared off, this weekend. As for the queries, I’ve gotten one NR for Chain Reaction on Tuesday, two Rs for Venom yesterday, and one R for Venom, one NR and two Rs for Chain Reaction, today. Querying resumes next week via email.

Tuesday, I’ve cut 211 words for Killer Wipeout. Yesterday, I’ve cut 79 words in Web of Deceit, 100 words in Cave-in, Double Exposure and Specimen, and 207 words in Killer Wipeout. Today I’ve cut 65 words in Web of Deceit and have hit 100 K, so edits stop here for a month, as I write new scenes. I’ve also cut 100 words in Cave-in, Double Exposure and Specimen. I’ve cut 130 words in Killer Wipeout, and also hit 100 K, so edits also stop here for a month to write new scenes.


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