Post-Nanoedmo, Day 30: Unleash the birds

Well, this week came to an end, along with the end of April, and my query break. I only have 30 days, 5 weeks from tomorrow, to make my dreams come true. I’m going to try to do my best, starting 5/2/2011. Venom’s query is ready to rumble, and Chain Reaction’s is almost there. Like caged birds, I’m going to unleash them like black ravens in flight, sending a message like carrier pigeons. Let’s hope they bring good luck: more bites and some offers. It’s been almost a year, since I’ve queried Venom, and two months, since I queried Chain Reaction. Venom’s 9 is getting there, as I prepare to resume 10 this coming up week and aim for a Memorial Day Weekend finish at this rate. 30 days to finish 22 chapters. Yikes! It’s tricky. I’ve only gotten 1 R for Chain Reaction today.

I’ve cut 100 words in Cave-in, Double Exposure, and Specimen. I wrote 503 words for Killer Wipeout and 357 words for Web of Deceit.


One Response

  1. Did not realize my girl was such a prolific writer. New you wrote but you really do a lot. Hope you are able to get on the NY top fifty list soon.


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