Post-Nanoedmo, Days 31-33: A-May-Zing!

Well, first of all, I would like to apologize for not being on Sunday night. Was exhausted and fed up with the computer/Internet. Last night, I was too exhausted to go on–I didn’t do any editing or writing. So here’s the pitch. Yesterday and today, I’ve sent out four revamped queries for both Venom and Chain Reaction. I also did three follow-ups yesterday. I’ve heard back from one yesterday on Chain Reaction–she reasked me to see my query. So I sent her the second version of my query (that a friend of mine helped me with) and heard back from her. She wants 75 pages and a synopsis. Yeah!!! So I sent it to her today. I’ve also gotten three R (1 Venom, 2 Chain Reaction) and four NRs (1 Venom, 3 Chain Reaction. Today, zilch! Fingers crossed on that partial! Venom’s 9 is still underway and should be done soon; I hope to go back to Venom’s 10 real soon. I also went back to Chain Reaction and revamped four more pages in the ms, just in case she wants a full.

No edits or writing done yesterday. But I’ve cut 100 words in Cave-in, Double Exposure and Specimen today and Sunday. I’ve cut 373 words on Sunday and 533 words today in in Killer Wipeout. I’ve cut 358 words on Sunday and 413 words today in Web of Deceit.


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