Post-Nanoedmo, Days 17-29: Out of Steam

First of all, I would like to apologize for not being on my blog for 13 days. Between Internet problems, no writing/editing days, partial writing/editing days, and tornado warnings and t-storms, I didn’t have much choice to get online. Second of all, let’s just say, that I’ve gotten a ton more in rejections for both Venom and Chain Reaction, and a few no responses. I won’t say the amount here either. It’s out of sight, out of mind. I’ve also failed to reach my agent search mark for my birthday tomorrow. I’ve thought, that with my newly revamped queries for both mss, I would’ve gotten more bites. Well, I’ve ended up with one, during the first week, as we all know, and that fell through. I’m not giving up. There’s more agents to query for both mss this summer, starting tomorrow. My new aim is to land one by 4th of July. Will it happen? I hope so. I deserve a break for a change, some good news to land on my inbox/mailbox. More bites, maybe a full or two, an offer or two. I’m also looking into taking a shortcut, and thinking about publishing ebooks, like for Ellora’s Cave, than doing it via or I’m researching that possibility now.

As for Venom and Chain Reaction, honestly, I haven’t done much work on either mss either. But I hope to finish Venom’s 9 (to fix one spot) and finish 10 this week, and get right into 11. I hope to finish Venom by the 4th of July too, if not the end of June, once and for all. It’s been one of those days, when I run out of steam, but didn’t get hit by writer’s block. And we’re only a few weeks away from Julno, when I’ll start researching this week (and dreaming) for Dangerous Ground’s scenes. Instead of dreaming, a few weeks ago, I envisioned the layout of the scenes. So far, I have chapters 1-3 in my mind, plus prologue. Also, I’m about 20-22 days away from finishing edits for Cave-in and Specimen, which would be done by the same time. Then I’ll write and edit the final scenes, and hope to query them in mid-September.

As for writing and editing, I’m only doing the days that I partially or fully wrote and/or edited in numerical order. It’s a few days.
May 19th: I’ve cut 100 words in Cave-in and Specimen only. I wrote 367 words for Killer Wipeout and 214 words for Web of Deceit.
May 20th-22nd: For Killer Wipeout, I wrote 216 words, 240 words and 500 words for Killer Wipeout.
May 23rd: I’ve cut 100 words in Cave-in and Specimen only.
May 26th: I’ve cut 100 words in Cave-in, Specimen and Double Exposure. I wrote 322 words for Killer Wipeout and 323 words for Web of Deceit.
May 28th and today: I wrote 326 and 506 words for Killer Wipeout.

Now, we’re all caught up. Tuesday and Wednesday are going be no edit/writing days I think. Stay tuned.


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