Post-Nanoedmo, Days 60-61: Birthday surprise

Well everyone knew, that I was aiming to land an agent before or on my birthday, this past holiday weekend. Last week, it was looking bleak. When I checked my email yesterday morning, I got one partial request that came through on 5/28. That brightened my birthday like the sun. It was the same agent who asked for a 2-week exclusive with Venom last year–I queried her last week via snail mail–and she fell through. Now I’m hoping for better results for Chain Reaction. I’ll also go back to revamp Chain Reaction, starting on Thursday, just in case it might lead to a full or an offer. I’ll send it out tomorrow. Meanwhile, no queries will go out for Chain Reaction, until I hear back; but I can follow up only, and continue to query Venom. Today I’ve gotten one NR for Chain Reaction and one R a piece for both mss. I’ll resume work on Venom’s 9-10 this week and weekend, and have set my sights to finish it by 7/4/2011–my summer goal to find an agent and maybe land it!

I’ve cut 100 words in Cave-in, Double Exposure and Specimen yesterday, and 100 words in Cave-in and Specimen only today. For Killer Wipeout, I wrote 326 words yesterday and 302 today. For Web of Deceit, I wrote 360 words yesterday and 278 words today.


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