Post-Nano-edmo: June 4th-24: EXPLAINED Absence

Sorry everyone for my big absence this month. This have been a rough month for me. For of all, I’ve been editing/writing very sporadically, when some days I write/edit, and some days I don’t. I have a few days of full edits. Due to volunteering and looking for a job, being tired/sick, and having numerous computer problems, I haven’t been on much. So tomorrow I’ll go back to updating hopefully on a daily basis with writing/editing/querying. Lately, I haven’t gotten any new partial requests for Venom and Chain Reaction, since my third partial fell through for Chain Reaction. Last weekend, I’ve revamped both of my queries, once again, as we head into July. I’m not giving up yet, though I’m running out of agents to query for Venom. As for Venom itself, I’ve done only 9 and fixed one area in four; I hope to work on Venom’s 10 this weekend, and now aim for a mid-July to late July finish. I hope to work on Chain Reaction next week too. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


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  1. Hi, Kristen, We know each other from You just critiqued one of my blog posts. Thanks much. Keep up the good work with the blog! Looking good here. (; (;


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