Post-Julno, Fall wrap up, part 2: October Winds

Last month, I rarely did any writing or editing in any of my mss. I’ve only did one writing day in Dangerous Ground, before I’ve put it on hold and to work and concentrate on Venom’s full with my mss.At this point, I was nearing the halfway point of rewriting and fixing up scenes, cutting pages out. I even postponed my writing group’s session to concentrate on it with my two beta readers.

Plus, in early October, it was Muse Conference 2012. I’ve tried to attend to all of the workshops, but I only missed one chat session. My first pitch session was for a new agent, who should remain nameless. Due to computer problems and issues at the Muse Con’s website, I was 2nd to pitch and decided to go 3rd. Nervous as always, I pitched Venom to her and broke out at sweet. She asked hard hitting questions about the concept, (questions I’ve forgotten), and it all boiled down to a no, due to logic issues. She wanted me to have more expertise in the field I wrote about it. I also found out later, that she did like my concept, but she wasn’t sure about any appropriate publishers who might be suited for my ms. But if windows opened, she would let my friend at Muse Con know. {So far, nothing yet.} I know, if I’ve tried to pitch her Chain Reaction in 2012, she might throw the “logic” issues at me again. Upset and shocked from that rejected, I was invited to try other pitches–the other agents I’ve queried before, and one agent I couldn’t so, since I was waiting to hear from Agent B on my partial. So I’ve pitched to three other small pubs for the rest of that week–two said yes and asked for a full, one said maybe and give them a R&R when fixed. That had brightened up my spirits for the rest of the week.

I knew I was late with my full to Agent A–so I’ve sent her an email last month, telling her about my delay due to computer problems (which is 85% true), and that I’m working so hard to get to it. She replied back very kindly, and said not to worry, don’t rush, take my time, and send it to her whenever I’m ready. At this time, last month, I’ve heard she had signed two thriller authors at, which made me worried about my delayed full. I still was plagued with computer problems up the galore. I did hear from my friend Cheryl, who I’ve told you about this summer on her Canadian small publishing company, and told me the deadline for fall submissions was 11/15/11. This made me wanted to hurry and rush to make it by the deadline.

I’ve also queried Chain Reaction to the same agent who turned down Venom’s partial this summer–he asked for a partial. I’ve also requeried one agent for Venom and have gotten a two-week exclusive on the full. I’ve also gotten more rejections and no response agents to requery, and no new requests or offers from agents. I was running out of luck and added any new agent that repped my genre at, and the 2012 Guide of Literary Agents I could find. But to have four small pubs and two agents interested in Venom and one in Chain Reaction. I also joined Backspace and joined their critique form, met new friends, and gotten harsh feedback on Chain Reaction too. I’ve worked hard to fix up the first chapter and apply it to my work. (I’ve used Cheryl’s advice for Venom and applied it to Chain Reaction’s full too.She had some of the same comments, this summer.)

Needless to say, Nano was approaching me last month for Countdown to Zero, an idea that wasn’t stemmed from a dream, but from two trailers I saw at the movies in August–In Time for the timeline idea, and Killer Elite for Clive Owen being my role model of my male lead. I’ve started dreaming about CTZ in September and formulated the scenes for a few workshops at Muse Con 2012 to use for Nano, like in the past years.

Here’s the only writing update for Dangerous Ground last month:
10/1 1007 (502/502) words written, final word count 112251. I have about 20 K left to write before I edit. I hope to resume writing in December and finish.

Stay tuned for part 3 and where I’ll be all caught up…


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