Nanofimo, Days 4-6: Picking up steam

For the past three days, I’ve been working hard on Venom’s full. I was hoping to get it ready for Friday’s launch delay, which has now being postponed, due to a busy schedule this week, and now hoping to launch it on Monday morning. I did finish chapter 28 and now working on chapter 29–it’ll be finished tomorrow with the last 5 pages. And then it’ll be sent to my BR. I’m down to the final 50 pages before I did a quick reboot through the chapters. I’ll be hoping to work on chapter 30 either tomorrow afternoon or Thursday. By Friday for my next update, I should be down to chapters 31-32 and the Epilogue for the final stretch this weekend. On Monday, I’ll be happy to post my Venom launch update for Agent A; Agent B’s 2nd nudge will end as a no by tomorrow afternoon. I haven’t gotten back to chapter one yet and hope to finish it on Thursday/Friday. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I’ve been flying solo and slowing down for Countdown to Zero lately, which I hope to make room to go back to edits and writing in Dangerous Ground next week. Here’s how I did:

12/4: 2708 (1685/1053) words written, 81238 total. 12/5: 1699 (1020/679) words written, 82937 total.
12/6: 1812 (1160/652) words written, 84749 total.


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