Nanofimo, Days 21-22: Bumpy Road

Yesterday I didn’t do any editing or writing, due to an exhausting afternoon of shopping. Today I resumed edits and writing on schedule. I’ve finished chapter 5’s reboot for Venom and will do six’s reboot after X-mas. Meanwhile, I’ll work on chapters 2-3 over the holiday weekend if I can. I didn’t do any edits today for Killer Wipeout, Chain Reaction, Specimen and Web of Deceit. I did cut 8 words in Double Exposure and 78 words in Cave-in.

Here’s how I did for Post-Julno and Nanofimo:
Countdown to Zero: 500 words written, 116904 total.
Double Exposure: 932 words written, 113996 total.

I hope this weekend is a better one!


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