Post-Nanowrimo, Days 42-45: Stalled

Sorry I haven’t been on my blog for a few days. It’s been a long week and exhausting too. Tuesday I finished my full synopsis and sent it over to Agent E–I later learned on Querytracker, that she’s leaving the agency she with and started her own in March. I’ve nudged her and got a different auto-response than the one I got on Monday to confirm it; I later learned that she’s bringing her queries and requested materials with her. So that’s hope there. No word from her yet.

Tuesday and Wednesday, long mornings and too tired to write or edit. Yesterday I did a partial edit/write and stopped. Today, I’m back on top. Only a few rejections and no responses this week.

No edits in Chain Reaction, Double Exposure, Specimen, Killer Wipeout or Web of Deceit. I’ve cut 36 words in Cave-in today.

Here’s yesterday’s and today’s writing updates:
1/13/12: Dangerous Ground–503 words written, 125185 total.
1/14/12: Countdown to Zero-1448 words written, 127478 total.
1/14/12: Dangerous Ground–800 words written, 125985 total.


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