Post-Nanowrimo, Day 82: Preparing to cut, cut, cut…

Well we’re nearing the end of January, entering February, as we start another week. Let’s get ready to rock and roll. In two days, I’ll be editing 1.5 hours in Dangerous Ground. According to Scrivener, it’s 361 words for a paperback copy, 681 for a hard back. Ugh! I’ll see what I can do to cut 20 K in one month, if possibly with a one revision pass. It’s going to be a long ride. Venom’s reboot in chapter 8 for my R&R is slow going and still under construction.

As for other editing news, I’ve fixed 10 pages in Chain Reaction (70 in total). I’ve also cut 10 words in Double Exposure (10 pages worked on, 65 in total), Killer Wipeout (final editing round), and Specimen (5 pages worked on, 60 in total). None in Cave-in or Web of Deceit.


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