Pre-Nanoedmo, Day 3: Tricky spots

Here we are at the end of the week and day three for my experimental one-pass revision. I hope to make some bigger cuts this weekend, but I’m doing well so far on Scrivener. Those pesky was/were words are hard to recast some sentences into active ones. No rejections/no responses today. Well, my revised copy of Venom wasn’t in my EDD, so somehow it got lost and erased or didn’t save it, due to an OO crash or something. Ugh. So now I’ll be working hard to smooth it out this weekend and move onto chapter nine next week, I hope.

In other editing news, no edits were made in Cave-in, Chain Reaction (5 highlighted pages) and Web of Deceit. I did cut 10 words in Killer Wipeout, 11 words in Specimen (5 pages done, 90 pages total) and 15 words in Double Exposure (5 pages done, 95 pages done). For my experimental OPR, I’ve cut 82 words so far, as I’m still in chapter one, scene one.


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