Pre-nanoedmo, Day 5: Taking a Pass

Here we are on Super Bowl Sunday, a start of the first full week in February. For Venom, I’m taking a break from chapter 8 and work on chapter nine instead. I’ll go back to chapter 8 later this week. Hopefully, I’ll get my groove back and plunge on ahead. I still have 24 chapters and epilogue to get through for my R&R. So I’m taking a brief pass on chapter 8 for now.

As for my other edits, I’ve cut no words in Cave-in, Chain Reaction (5 more highlighted pages) and Web of Deceit. I did cut 7 words both in Double Exposure (5 pages done, 100 total) and Specimen (5 pages done, 95 total), 13 words in Killer Wipeout, and 111 words for Dangerous Ground. I hope I’ve cut a lot of words this week and hit more in the hundreds.


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