Pre-nanoedmo, Days 9-10: Backed up

Sorry I haven’t done much editing, since it was a very busy day of being out a lot. I’ve done a tiny bit of edits in Venom’s 9 reboot, still going slow, and some edits in Dangerous Ground. Today I’ve returned back to editing full force. Still moving slow in Venom’s 9 reboot. Only one rejection in over the past two days. I’ll resume back to querying Venom on next Tuesday, the same day I’ll nudge Agent C on my pending full–my 8 week exclusive period ends on Monday.

No edits in Cave-in, Chain Reaction (5 highlighted pages), Double Exposure (5 highlighted pages), Specimen (5 highlighted pages) and Web of Deceit. I did cut 10 words in Killer Wipeout, and 72 words in Dangerous Ground yesterday and 55 words today.


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