Pre-Nanoedmo, Day 13: Staying strong

Well, here we are at the start of another week in mid-February. The reboot for chapter 9 is Venom is coming along and staying strong as ever–it should be coming close to the end by Friday and hopefully I’ll go back to eight and fix it up next week. I’m still aiming for April to send my R&R to Agent A. As for Agent C, no word from her at all. My eight week response time ended today–so I’ll send them a nudge tomorrow morning and resume querying Venom too. So we’ll see what happens next. No word on Agent E on my full synopsis too.

No edits in Cave-in or Web of Deceit yet.I did highlight more words in five more pages in Chain Reaction, Double Exposure and Specimen. I did cut 5 words in Killer Wipeout and 114 words in Dangerous Ground. Yeah! I’ve hit 129 K and have 19 K more words to cut. It won’t get done in a month for sure, when doing 1.5 hours a day. But I’m still trying to get it done in 1 to 1.5 passes of revision.


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