Pre-nanoedmo, Day 14-16: Slowing Down

I apologized for not being on for two days. On Valentine’s Day, I had my writer’s group and read chapter 7 from Venom’s 9 reboot–more action, less telling. I also had a job interview and didn’t do any edits. Therefore, I’ll be reworking chapter 7 this weekend after I tweak chapters 2-3. Meanwhile, I’ve done a few edits in Venom’s 9 reboot and hope to get it done this weekend, and go back to Venom’s 8 reboot. Yesterday I’ve only worked on Dangerous Ground’s edits, since I’ve gotten sick with a nasty cold.

I did hear back from Agent C yesterday on Tuesday’s nudge–they liked my use for descriptive details, but not a good fit for them at this time. Oh well. I’m down to Agents A and E now. I’ve gotten a few Rs and some NRs too in the past three days. No edits in Cave-in and Web of Deceit. 5 more highlighted pages in Chain Reaction, Double Exposure and Specimen. I did cut 10 words in Killer Wipeout. Yesterday I’ve cut 141 words in Dangerous Ground; today I’ve cut 121 words in Dangerous Ground. As for my one pass revision on Scrivener, I won’t finish it in a month or less, as we’re nearing Nanoedmo in 2 weeks. But I’ll get it done in 1-2 passes no less. I’ll be aiming by mid-summer.


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