Pre-nanoedmo, Day 21: Battering down the hatches

As we approach the last full week of February before we hit March/Nanoedmo, a week from tomorrow, we’re making good strides for sure. By the end of the month, I’ve cut 2.5 K in 6 chapters for my one pass revision. It won’t be done by then. But like I said, I’m doing it on Scrivener. I might try it on paper for Countdown to Zero real soon. So I’m aiming for August, since I need to move/cut some small sections out and add more detailed descriptions. I’ve even added the green highlighter for POV switches too, other than cliches. Venom’s 9 reboot is still a work of slow progress, but getting there, hopefully done by the weekend. I’m aiming for mid-April to send in my R&R. No edits in Cave-in or Web of Deceit–but I’ll be editing Cave-in again tomorrow. I’ve highlighted more words in 5 more pages for Chain Reaction, Double Exposure and Specimen–I’ll resume edits in Chain Reaction tomorrow. I’ve cut 7 words in Killer Wipeout and 109 words in Dangerous Ground.


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