Pre-Nanoedmo, Day 24: Hanging in there

As we’ve hit the last weekend in February, Nanoedmo and March is approaching fast on us. I’m hanging in there. As far as Venom’s 9 reboot goes, it’s coming along and still have a few ways to go to finish the chapter. I’m hoping it’ll be done by Wednesday as the latest. I’ve fixed 5 more pages in Chain Reaction and highlighted words in five more pages in Double Exposure and Specimen. I’m still highlighting and fixing pages in Cave-in and Web of Deceit. I’ve cut 8 more words in Killer Wipeout and 54 words in Dangerous Ground. In a few weeks, I’ll be revising an old pre-Nano ms of mine somehow for a small period of time–finish edit and finish writing it. Stay tuned.


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