Pre-nanoedmo, Day 25: Keeping the faith

Here we are at the final weekend of February and of pre-Nanoedmo. Nanoedmo is days away, when I start editing in Countdown to Zero–I do know there’s some slow scenes I can rewrite and make it more active. I’ve gotten a few rejections this week and some NRs–but no new requests of yet for either Venom or Chain Reaction. Venom’s 9 reboot is getting there, as I’ve fixed 2’s reboot (and cut out some head hopping). Tomorrow I’ll do chapter 3 and next weekend, I’ll fix chapter 7. I’m still aiming to finish my R&R by mid to late April. No edits in Cave-in and Web of Deceit. I’ve fixed 5 pages in Chain Reaction and highlighted more words in 5 pages in Double Exposure and Specimen. I’ve cut 10 words in Killer Wipeout and 91 words in Dangerous Ground. I’ll hit 28 K in edits tomorrow with 2 K cut in a month and 18 more to go.


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