Pre-Nanoedmo, Day 28: Sound the Alarm

Well, we’re one day away from March’s Nanoedmo. Are you ready? As always, my goal is to edit 1.5 hours a day in one month. But since I’ve landed a PT job, it’s going to be tricky, when the days off and the days I work evenings are 1.5 hours, and mornings/afternoon, one hour, which are including weekends. So this year I might not be able to win it, but I’ll do my best–I’ll find out my schedule on Monday, when I first work. No rejections/no responses today, except for one R yesterday. A bit of work done on Venom’s 9 reboot today, I hope to finish the chapter by this weekend, when my writing schedule will be adjusted somehow. (More details to come next week. My pre-Nano ms will be on hold for now.) I’ve fixed 5 pages in Chain Reaction and highlighted 5 pages in Double Exposure and Specimen each–edits resume tomorrow. No edits in Web of Deceit. I’ve cut 8 words in Cave-in, 13 words for Killer Wipeout and 50 words in Dangerous Ground. (For those who liked my author page on Facebook, I’ll do an update there real soon.)


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