Nanoedmo, Day 4: Timber ahead!

Well, here we are, our first full week of March and into Nanoedmo. How’s everyone doing? My editing hours would be truncated, starting tomorrow, depending on my working shifts, except for working one evenings/days off–it would remain the same. But I’ll be aiming for 50 words or more in my half-hour editing sessions for Dangerous Ground and Countdown to Zero. Venom’s 9 reboot has got ways to go, but getting there. I’ve tweaked a bit in chapter 7’s reboot one more time. Time to knock down walls of paragraphs, pages and tons of words.

No edits in Cave-in or Web of Deceit yet. I’ve fixed 5 more pages in Chain Reaction. I’ve cut 8 words in both Double Exposure and Killer Wipeout, 10 words in Specimen, 95 words in Dangerous Ground and 103 words in Countdown to Zero.


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