Nanoedmo, Days 9-10: Climbing Mountains

Yesterday was another a-third day of editing. So I didn’t get much editing done, other than a bit of Venom again and some edits for Dangerous Ground and Countdown to Zero. I’m still working on Venom’s 9 reboot for my R&R, which is making some steady progress. I hope to be done with it, next week. It’s been a month, when I’ve been stuck–and I haven’t worked on chapter 7 at all this weekend. I won’t be able to hand in chapter 8 for my writing group on Tuesday either. I’ve gotten one rejection yesterday. Anyway, I’m making some headway on others. I’ve cut 6 words in Double Exposure, 8 words in Specimen, 9 words in Cave-in and 10 words in Killer Wipeout. For Countdown to Zero, I’ve cut 50 words yesterday and 102 words today; for Dangerous Ground, I’ve cut 51 words yesterday and 62 words today. I’m still climbing this mountain, one foot at a time.


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