Nanoedmo, Day 11: Breaking Down Walls

Well, here we are at the second full week of March and Nanoedmo (though the website is down still). How is everyone doing and making progress? Venom’s 9 reboot is getting closer to the final few pages. I hope it’ll be done by Friday and then go back to eight. At this rate, I won’t get my R&R done in a month from here, since I’m a few weeks behind schedule. I might have to nudge Agent A with an email soon, and hoping she’s patient with me and my new work/editing schedule with computer problems. So I’m going to aim for May and hope to land her by my 36th birthday by then. As for other editing news… no edits in Web of Deceit still. I’ve fixed five more pages in Chain Reaction. I’ve cut 6 words in Double Exposure, 7 words in Killer Wipeout and Specimen, 13 words in Cave-in. And I’ve cut 70 words in Countdown to Zero for #Nanoedmo and 82 words for Dangerous Ground for #amediting. Let’s hope this week’s better than last week. It’s time to break down some walls.


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