Nanoedmo, Day 18: High Stakes

Here we go with week 3, midway through March and #Nanoedmo. Things are improving well today with a new start this week. Venom’s 9 reboot is about 95% done. So I’ll be doing the happy dance, when that chapter is done, and we go back to chapter 8 and work on that one for one to two weeks. I’m aiming for late April/early May to give her my R&R–I hope it’s well worth it and says YES! We’ll be doing a new countdown, in the weeks to come, when I’m closer to finish and hit the deadline. I’ve fixed 5 pages in Chain Reaction. No edits in Web of Deceit. I’ll resume them tomorrow, since the highlighting words are done. I’ve cut 3 words in Killer Wipeout, 4 words in Double Exposure, (I’m now focusing on cut 12 K than 22 K at this rate), 9 words in Cave-in and 30 words in Specimen. (Edits will halt at the last page for last round of edits, and will resume writing later this week to 110-115 K. This novel should be done by July.) I’ve hit another round of high numbers, when I’ve added an extra-half hour combined for one made up hour and two more to go this week. There’s two more weeks left in #Nanoedmo. For #amediting, I’ve cut 148 words for Dangerous Ground, and for #Nanoedmo, I’ve cut 198 words for Countdown to Zero. Phew!


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