Nanoedmo, Days 24-25: Cutting through the tape

Here we are on the final full week of March and #Nanoedmo. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I won’t win Nanoedmo this year. But I’ll continue to edit with my own version of an one-pass revision process on Scrivener for Countdown to Zero. Maybe I should try it on paper next time. Sorry I wasn’t on yesterday, since I didn’t do any edits in Chain Reaction, Venom, Specimen and Double Exposure yesterday. It was a half-day of edits IMO. No rejections this weekend. I hope to finish Venom’s 9 reboot by Wednesday and try to finish 7’s reboot also by the end of the week or this weekend too. No edits in Cave-in (back to temporary highlighting) and Double Exposure. I did highlight 5 more pages in Chain Reaction too. I’ve cut 7 words in Web of Deceit yesterday and today. I also cut 10 words in Killer Wipeout yesterday and 8 words today. I’ve also cut the final 15 words in Specimen (for now), as I’ll resume writing the final scenes up to 115 K this spring. For #Nanoedmo, I’ve cut 54 words yesterday and 165 words today in Countdown to Zero. For #amediting, I’ve cut 54 words yesterday and 93 words today in Dangerous Ground.


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