Nanoedmo, Days 27-30: Fast Forward and Rewind

Sorry I haven’t been on in four nights. It’s been a crazy week with work. (My new six week work schedule is mostly afternoons and nights, including two bookend weekend shifts and three days I’m working solo.) I haven’t done much edits this week. Just very little and have worked on Venom. I’ve gotten a few Rs though. Venom’s 9 reboot will be done this weekend, as I’ll finish 7 finally and tweak 2-3 one final time. No edits in Cave-in this week–it’ll resume tomorrow. I’ve fixed 5 pages in Chain Reaction and highlighted 5 pages in Double Exposure. But I’ve cut 4 words yesterday and 9 words today in Killer Wipeout, 7 words yesterday and 14 words in Web of Deceit. I’ve cut 30 words on 3/27, 33 words yesterday, 35 words today and 37 words on 3/28 for Countdown to Zero and #amediting. I’ve cut 31 words on 3/28, 33 words on 3/27, 37 words today and 49 words yesterday for Dangerous Ground and #Nanoedmo. For #amwriting, I did write 395 words (1 page) in Specimen today.


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