Nanoedmo, Day 31: A new plan for April

Today’s the last day of #Nanoedmo and March. As I’ve said and predicted, two weeks ago, I won’t win this year, since I’ve so far behind in hours. I did log in 26.5 hours, which was the halfway point. I’ll be back next year for sure. I’ll continue to edit at my own leisurely pace for post-Nanoedmo mode. No rejections today. So we’ll see where April takes me with a new plan for starters. Venom’s 9 reboot is almost done, while 2-3 have been tweaked and done. I’ll finish 7 tomorrow. I’ve fixed 5 more pages in Chain Reaction and highlighted 5 more in Double Exposure. I’ve cut 6 words apiece in Cave-in and Web of Deceit and 13 words in Killer Wipeout. I’ve cut 61 words in Countdown to Zero for #NANOEDMO and 64 words in Dangerous Ground for #amediting. I only wrote 144 words in Specimen (a-third of a page) for #amwriting.


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