Post-Nanoedmo, Days 21-22: Whirlwind Writing

This past weekend was my first back to back “bookend” working weekend. So my editing was very limited. I didn’t do any edits in Chain Reaction or Double Exposure–no writing in Specimen. Venom’s 8 reboot is coming along and hopefully will be done this weekend or earlier. I hope to work on chapter 7 by this weekend and then go to chapter 10. I have a long way to go before I send this out to Agent A this summer.

Here’s my editing word counts:

Cave-in: 4/21/12 100391 (14 words cut), 4/22/12 100377 (17 words cut)
Countdown to Zero: 4/21/12 127002 (31 words cut), 4/22/12 126970 (32 words cut)
Dangerous Ground: 4/21/12 125310 (33 words cut), 4/22/12 125279 (31 words cut)
Killer Wipeout: 4/21/12 107737 (10 words cut), 4/22/12 107726 (11 words cut)
Web of Deceit: 4/21/12 107782 (11 words cut), 4/22/12 107772 (10 words cut)


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