Post-Nanoedmo, Days 23-25: Building Momentum

This have been a wild and crazy week so far in editing and writing.  I’ve gotten a couple of Rs this week so far, inc. for my partial for Chain Reaction. But I’m working it, esp. for Agent A’s R&R for summer resubmit.  Venom’s 8 reboot is coming along and will be ready for my writing group meeting in two weeks. I’ve highlighted a few more pages in Double Exposure and fixed more in Chain Reaction. I wrote 102 words in Specimen to finish out the page I worked out last week. I did cut 10 words in Cave-in only on Monday–now I’m back to highlighting again.  I’ve cut 11 words in Killer Wipeout on Monday and 11 words in Web of Deceit yesterday, 12 words cut in Killer Wipeout yesterday, 14 words cut in Web of Deceit on Monday.  I’ve cut 32 words in Countdown to Zero yesterday, 33 words in Dangerous  Ground yesterday and today, 35 words in Countdown to Zero on Monday, 37 words in Countdown to Zero today, and 40 words cut in Dangerous Ground on Monday.


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