Post-Nanoedmo, Day 36: So far behind

Here we are to start a new full week in May. Things are progressing a bit slow for Venom’s 8 reboot. I hope to get it done by this weekend at this rate. To get it done in 7 weeks is highly unlikely at this rate. Chapter 8 won’t be ready for Tuesday’s reading at my writing group for the third straight month! :-(. This is taking way too slow. I m ight have to aim higher and go for broke before Labor Day, if we don’t pick steam and won’t be so far behind. I didn’t do any edits in Chain Reaction and Double Exposure today. No edits in Cave-in only today and no writing in Specimen.

I did cut 12 words in Killer Wipeout, 14 words in Web of Deceit, 30 words for Countdown to Zero and 43 words for Dangerous Ground.


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