Post-Nanoedmo, Days 41-42: Slow as a Tortoise

Well I didn’t get a chance to post last night, due to computer problems. So I’m doing a two-day report in one update. I reminder, that I’ll be doing a four-day report on Thursday, since I work three nights next week and won’t be able to do it there. So get ready for a biggie, the day after tomorrow. No new news lately–one NR, two Rs so far. But Venom’s 8 reboot is coming along slow as tortoise. I’m so very way behind at this rate.  I want to try to get this done by Julno in a few weeks, if possible. Or it’s going to get tricky, between work and editing/writing.

No edits in Cave-in so far, but will resume tomorrow. No work in Specimen, Chain Reaction or Double Exposure either. I hope to go back to them tomorrow too. I did cut 13 words in Killer Wipeout yesterday and Web of Deceit today, 15 words in Web of Deceit today, 18 words in Killer Wipeout yesterday, 30 words in Countdown to Zero yesterday, 51 words in Dangerous Ground yesterday, 58 words in Dangerous Ground today and 98 words in Countdown to Zero today. Phew!


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