Pre-Julno, Days 5-7: Stalled

Well, here’s the lowdown on the week so far. Things have been slow edit-wise. I haven’t done much edits at all this week, except for Countdown to Zero and Dangerous Ground. Hopefully, this weekend, things would revert back to normal. Today I didn’t go to work and took a sick day, because my mom forgot to inform me on her doctor’s appointment to tell my boss, a few weeks ago. So I had no choice, but to ask for one. Good thing, I had 12 hours accumulated and my boss OK’ed it. And work on Venom’s 8 have been stalled too–I hope to finish it in 13 weeks and to get chapter 8 ready by next Tuesday’s writing group meeting. I doubt it now, since I’m so far behind schedule on editing. Oh well. Tuesday, I’ve cut 34 words in Dangerous Ground and 50 words in Countdown to Zero; yesterday I’ve cut 40 words in Countdown to Zero and 41 words in Dangerous Ground; and today I’ve cut 31 words in Dangerous Ground and 48 words in Countdown to Zero. A few more Rs and NRs to contribute this week.


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