Julno, Day 1: And we’re off!

Here we are, at the first day of Julno. Good luck to all! I’m starting and ending my writing day, (even before work) with No Stone Unturned. Only on Wednesdays, I’ll cut a minimum of 500 words and a max of 1000 words in a half-hour. I have only four hours between volunteering and work–this Wednesday, it’s the only exception, since it’s a holiday. But it’ll start next week. No edits in Cave-in. Venom’s 8 for the R&R is coming along well and should be done this week, finally. I’ve cut 14 unaccounted words for Double Exposure; but I’ll be reworking chapter one with help from new crit partner. For #amwriting, I wrote 200 words for Specimen and 2119 words for No Stone Unturned. For #amediting, I’ve cut 10 words in Double Exposure, 13 words for Killer Wipeout, 15 words in Web of Deceit, 72 words in Countdown to Zero and 89 words in Dangerous Ground. (I split this big chapter in half and redid the POV.)



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