Julno, Days 15-16: Slow Climb

Well, here we are in the middle of Julno. You should be at the halfway point or beyond. I’m almost at 25 K as we speak. Keep writing. Sorry I haven’t been on last night. Well, here I am. I’m doing very well and still working on chapter 3 as I speak. Yesterday I wrote a total of 2103 words-537 yesterday morning, 1566 yesterday afternoon. Today I wrote 1127 words–565 this morning, 562 words this afternoon. Tomorrow I hope to work on my first bad guy scene.

And things are progressing along for Venom’s R&R for chapter 8. I’m aiming for mid-October at this rate, since I’m nowhere near the midway point and still stuck on chapter 8 for the fifth month! I did get one R and a few NRs to report for today. Meanwhile, I did no edits in Cave-in yesterday and not many edits today for #amediting. No #amwriting in Specimen yet again. I did cut 11 words in Double Exposure, 12 words in Web of Deceit, 13 words in Killer Wipeout, 23 uncounted words in Chain Reaction, 52 words in Dangerous Ground and 55 words in Countdown to Zero yesterday. Today I’ve only cut 31 words for both Countdown to Zero and Double Dangerous Ground.


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