Julno, Days 24-26: Stuck in Mud

The middle of the week have been sluggish and slow to report for edits. But I’m progressing well. Venom’s 8 for my R&R will hopefully be done this weekend and then to move forward to the next chapter next week. Fingers crossed. I need to pick up and keep moving forward, in order to get this done by November. It’s taking way too long, especially on being on one chapter for five months! Anyway, I’ve gotten a few Rs to report, including one today. As for #Julno, which wraps up in five days, I’m only 12 K behind to reach 50 K and only 3 K behind the daily quota. It’s going to be a mad rush, when I started to be on top and fell behind in word counts. For #amwriting, I wrote 1366 words (747/649) on Tuesday, 1368 words (743/625) words yesterday and 1699 words today (561/1138) in No Stone Unturned. I’m at 38622 words at the moment. No #amwriting in Specimen.

For #amediting, on Tuesday, I’ve cut 32 words in Dangerous Ground and 36 words in Countdown to Zero; yesterday I cut 33 words in Countdown to Zero and 37 words in Dangerous Ground; today I’ve cut 77 words in Dangerous Ground and 89 words in Countdown to Zero. I’ve also cut 10 words in Cave-in, 11 words in Killer Wipeout and 14 words in Web of Deceit today. I’ve also reworked the first page in Chain Reaction and cut 2 words, rewritten some sentences. No edits in Double Exposure though.


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