Julno, Days 26-29: So close to the finish line

Well, in 48 hours, #Julno will come to an end. Most of us will be finished at 50 and beyond, some would join Camp Nano in August, while the rest will start editing. I’m only 6 K behind this week for #amwriting and will try to reach the finish line of 50 K, or would come so close to it. I did some catch up writing on Friday and would do the same tomorrow and Tuesday before work. I wrote 2100 words on Friday, 1840 words yesterday and 1448 words today for No Stone Unturned. I can only do my best. As for Venom’s 8 for my R&R, as I head into my 6th month, I hope to finally finish it this week and do final tweaks in chapter 9, then I can tackle chapters 7 and 10 next week. Only one R for this weekend to report. No edits in Cave-in and Double Exposure today, while I did get 11 words cut and am halfway through the first five pages of chapter 1 in Chain Reaction.

For #amediting, yesterday, I’ve cut 11 words in Killer Wipeout, 13 words in Cave-in, 22 words in Web of Deceit. Today, I’ve cut 10 words in Web of Deceit and 13 words in Killer Wipeout. Friday, I’ve cut 30 words in Countdown to Zero and 31 words in Dangerous Ground. Yesterday, I’ve cut 60 words in Dangerous Ground and 79 words in Countdown to Zero. Today, I’ve cut 58 words in Countdown to Zero and 62 words in Dangerous Ground.


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