Post-Julno, Days 11-13: Power Up

Well, I’m into the second week of #post-Julno this week. In three weeks, I’ll be having heart surgery to repair a hole in my heart, and won’t be doing any edits/writing for one week. Hopefully, I’ll be able to resume ediitng and writing the following week. I’ll be powering up to do tons of editing and writing for #amwriting and #amediting, including getting halfway done for Venom’s R&R. I’ve gotten one R for Venom, one full request for Chain Reaction. A good way to kickstart this week. So far, I’m halfway through on writing chapter 6 and will finish it by Wednesday. I wrote 1063 words on Saturday, 1307 words yesterday and 1222 words today for #amwriting. I also wrote 138 words in Cave-in and 336 words in Specimen today.

For #amediting, for Double Exposure, I cut 16 words yesterday and 13 words today. For Cave-in, I’ve cut 12 words on Saturday and 11 words yesterday. For Killer Wipeout, I’ve cut 19 words on Saturday, 12 words yesterday and 21 words today. For Web of Deceit, I’ve cut 18 words on Saturday, 15 words yesterday and 12 words today. For Countdown to Zero, I’ve cut 67 words on Saturday, 52 words yesterday and 59 words today. For Dangerous Ground, I’ve cut 58 words on Saturday, 81 words yesterday and 59 words today.

Question: Would you like to see a writing sample from one of my mss? If so, let me know. I would love your feedback on it.


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