Post-Julno, Days 21-23: Slowly Making Progress

Well, once again, here’s my report for the past three days for #amediting. No Rs to report today. But Venom’s R&R for chapter 8 is making progress and almost finished.  I hope to get chapter 10 done before my surgery in less than 2 weeks from Monday.  I’m working on chapter 3 for Chain Reaction right now, which should be good to go next week. As for No Stone Unturned, I’m firing up the tension for #amwriting/Post-Julno, while Jordan’s hot in the trail to Los Angeles, when danger’s following her. That’s all I’m saying for now. I’ve written 1229 words on Tuesday, 1242 words yesterday and 1150 words today.

Now, here’s the breakdown on how the edits and other writing went for the week: Tuesday, I’ve cut 17 words in Web of Deceit, 18 words in Double Exposure, 20 words in Killer Wipeout.

Yesterday, I’ve cut 42 words in Dangerous Ground and 68 words in Countdown to Zero.

Today, I’ve cut 13 words in Killer Wipeout, 14 words in Web of Deceit, 15 words in Double Exposure, 56 words in Countdown to Zero and 77 words in Dangerous Ground.

For #amwriting in Specimen, I wrote 251 words yesterday and 171 words today. For Cave-in, I wrote 173 words today.


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