Post-Julno, Days 28-30: Sweet Deal

For the past couple of days, I haven’t done much editing–it was very light and partial. So it’s going to be a very light report for Tuesday’s and today’s edits–none were done yesterday. But I’ll be working hard, this Labor Day Weekend. I’ve gotten a few more Rs for Venom and one exclusive request for Chain Reaction today–send hard copy after 10/15. I’m hoping to get it ready by then. So that’s two R&Rs for Venom and two fulls for Chain Reaction I’ve got going for me. I did sent a courtesy email to Agent A on my delay for my R&R–told her about my delays and proposing and promising to send it out sometime in November. No word yet. It’s going to be a crazy fall.

For #amwriting’s No Stone Unturned, I’m making pretty good progress as I’m in chapter 8, getting close to chapter nine. Things are getting intense and interesting for Jordan and Blake. I wrote 1124 words on Tuesday, 1476 words yesterday and 1216 words today. I’ve hit the 80 K mark yesterday. For #amediting and #post-Julno, here’s my update:
On Tuesday, I’ve cut 12 words in Killer Wipeout and 71 words in Countdown to Zero.

Today, I’ve cut 12 words in Killer Wipeout, 21 words in Web of Deceit, 57 words in Countdown to Zero and 67 words in Dangerous Ground.

No #amwriting in Cave-in and Specimen.


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