Post-Nano, Days 7-13: Slow and steady

Here we are at the end of another week, once again. So far, I’m doing things in a nice and slow steady pace for edits and writing, as we’re two weeks away or so from the beginning of Nano.  For Venom’s 8 for my R&R, we’re halfway finally through with the chapter–I did get some feedback from my writing group on Tuesday for first 9 pages of chapter. I hope to finish 8 and tweaks chapters 1, 6-7 and 9, before we move forward to chapter 10 next weekend. We’ve got twenty-three chapters left to go (including epilogue) to go between now and Christmas if not earlier. A few Rs and NRs to report.  I haven’t done any writing in Specimen and Cave-in yet. But I hope so soon.  I’ve gotten the first two chapters re-tweaked with my BR for Chain Reaction.

Here’s this week’s wallies and week-ending word counts:  For #amwriting, I wrote 2932 words for No Stone Unturned. The word count is now at 97348. For #amediting, I cut 229 words for Dangerous Ground–word count now at 119833. I cut 77 words in Double Exposure–word count now at 142910. I cut 246 words in Countdown to Zero–word count now at 120106. I cut 88 words in Web of Deceit–word count now at 106223. And I cut 86 words in Killer Wipeout–word count now at 106385.


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