Post-Nano, Days 14-20: Fire away!

Nano 2012 is 11 days away or so! I’ll be getting pretty ready to plunge in with my newest thriller up to date. I also hope to finish writing No Stone Unturned at 140 K (41 K away) by mid-November to edit and write new scenes in 2013. I’m still working on Venom’s 8 for my R&R this weekend and hope to be done by Monday. I have about 9 weeks to get it done (or earlier) to send it out. I’m so very behind, since it’s been a year for Agent A and almost 6 months for Agent E.  I also have my full to send out before 2013. As for Chain Reaction, 2.5 chapters done and many more to go. We’re making good progress on getting 1-2 chapters done a week. I did get a few Rs and NRs this week, though.  I haven’t done any writing in Cave-in and Specimen yet. But I hope to do more in November and write 100-150 words a day for #amwriting. I wrote 2630 words for No Stone Unturned with 99978 as the week’s word count.

Here’s my tabulations for #amediting for this week:

I cut 86 words in Killer Wipeout–word count now at 106299. I cut 229 words in Countdown to Zero–word count now at 119877. I cut 224 words in Dangerous Ground–word count now at 119609. I’ve cut 80 words in Dangerous Ground–word count now at 142829. I’ve cut 96 words in Web of Deceit–word count now at 106113.


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