Post-Nano, Days 21-28: Gearing up for Nano

Nano is only a few days away. Who’s going to do another year of Nanoing like me? It’ll be another long haul.But here’s the latest with me so far. Only a few Rs and NRs to report from last week. I’m hoping to finally finally finish chapter 8 for Venom’s R&R. I have about 9 weeks left to send it out, before it’s way too late for 2013. We’ve got so much to do, including the tweaks for chapters 1, 6-7 and 9 this week, before we can move on 10. No more slacking days. I’ve made progress with my beta reader on Chain Reaction’s full with 4 chapters done and 50 pages polished. Since we average 2 chapters a week, a few pages at a time for some minor tweaks, it’s a breeze so far. I wish the pace was like this for Venom, only much faster. I haven’t worked on Specimen and Cave-in yet. But I hope to later this week. For #amwriting, I wrote 3293 words in No Stone Unturned with the word count at 103271.

Here’s my #amediting tally for the week: Double Exposure 142744 (85), Web of Deceit, 106011 (88 words cut), Killer Wipeout 106196 (103 words cut), Dangerous Ground 119848 (261),Countdown to Zero 119603 (272).


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