Pre-Nano, Days 29-31/Nano, Days 1-4: Here we go again!

Well, everyone, it’s Nano time again, Day 4. How is everyone doing? Don’t give up on writing, even if you don’t make 50 K this month. Keep going in December. So here’s my update for the past week or so. I hope to get Venom’s R&R done  in the next 8 weeks or so and finish chapter 8 for real and for good by mid-week. I still have to tweak some chapters by this weekend and work on chapter 10-11 next week. It’s time to double or nothing. As for Chain Reaction’s full, I’ve gotten 5 chapters done and now working on chapter 6.  In other news, I’ve gotten a new partial request from Venom via a new agency last week in an email attachment. I haven’t yet written anything in Cave-in or Specimen in over two months still. I hope to try to get to it this week or wait until next month.  I also got one R. My hearts and prayers go out to everyone on the East Coast, since I’m a former New Jersey girl and have family in the NJ/NY area.

Here’s my #amwriting and #amediting update for today and last week.

Countdown to Zero: 119398 (205 words cut)
Dangerous Ground: 119645 (203 words cut)
Double Exposure: 142685 (59 words cut)
Killer Wipeout: 106122 (63 words cut)
No Stone Unturned:  106138 (2867 words written)
The Shadow Killer: -Day 1 1739 words written (643/1096)
                     –Day 2  3580 (1831 words written=705/1126)
                 –Day 3  5562 (1992 words written=621/1371)
                –Day 4 7452 (1671 words written=647/1024 + 1 hour word war {1243 words added=2914 words)

Web of Deceit: 106920 (81 words cut)   


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