Write to Finish 2013: January 1-19, 2013

January is the start of my WRITE TO FINISH platform. And so far, I’ve been working hard to finish both Cave-in and Specimen, since I left off from writing both mss in early September 2012. Sorry I haven’t been on in a few weeks. And I’ve done that for the past two weeks or so. I’m hoping to finish Specimen in early March and Cave-in by April 2013. And I’ve accomplished just that in 2 weeks since I’ve started. I’ve written 4993 words in Specimen for 14 out of 19 days and 2477 words in Cave-in for 9 out of 19 days. I did have some days off in between, when I need to think of where to go next with my characters. But surely but slowly, I’m picking up the pace. The word counts so far for Cave-in is 103501 and for Specimen is 110444. On other news, I’ve finished final edits in Double Exposure this week and would give it a rest, while I wait to give it to my second BR, later this year. I cut 170 words between last month and this month–the final word count is 142129.

I did hear back from that partial request from Venom last week, right before I was going to nudge her. She said the first chapter looked good, but the second chapter was a bit telly, so she passed. I did ask her what chapter(s) and what part(s), and haven’t heard back, except to have patience and that she couldn’t find the partial. But a fellow friend looked over chapters 2-3 and told me which spots to work on. I hope to resubmit Venom’s partial, later next week. In other news, chapters 7-8 is done, chapter 9 is polished for my copy and done, and chapter 10 will kickstart next week. I hope to be near the halfway mark in two weeks with chapter 12. I’m aiming late March/early April 2013 to resubmit to Agent A. No other later news for Venom. For Chain Reaction, I’ve hit the halfway mark with my BR with 200 pages done (12 chapters edited) and 200 more to go. I’m hoping to hit in the mark around the same time to submit this one at the same time. No new requests so far, though I’m behind with my two full requests from last summer.

As for my other mss, I’m nearing 125 K for No Stone Unturned with the word count of 122079. I’ve written 4243 words in 8 days out of 19. I’m also nearing 150 K for The Shadow Killer with the word count of 147543. I’ve written a whopping total of 25464 words for the past 19 days with no days off, but some slow days when I average around 1000-1150. And I’m not done yet! I’ll be back in a week or so with another update.


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